Selling online: What you need to know

Selling Online - What you need to know

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If you sell goods or services online to consumers in the EU, it is important that you are familiar with consumer protection laws and how they apply to your business. The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD), provides additional protections to consumers who buy goods or services online.

Some of your main obligations include:

Change of mind: You must allow 14 days for your customers to change their mind, cancel their order and get a full refund. The 14 days only starts from the date the consumer receives their order.

Returns: If a consumer cancels their order, they have a further 14 days from the date they cancel to send the order back to you.

Sale items: If you are selling items at a discount or in a sale, consumers’ rights don’t change. They still have 14 days to change their mind and cancel the order.

Clear and accurate information: You must always give your customers clear and accurate information about the total cost of what they are buying, including delivery, when they buy online.

Using social media channels: If you use social media channels to sell goods or services, you may be considered a business and it is important that you check what your obligations are.

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